Documenting my transition from being a shore fisherman to becoming a kayak fisherman. Plus all of my fishing outings. Please enjoy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My July!!!

Well this is going to be a catch up post.  I realize that I have not kept this thing up to date.  So what I am going to do is a post of the last month.  So here is my July.

This had to be my best month of fishing ever.  Well other than first week of trout season every year, when I get to spend a bunch of time fishing with my family up in Pennsylvania.  I am going to just post up this month’s pictures throughout the post.  Some will be corresponding to what I am talking about and some will not.
The beginning of July marked my 6th week of owning a kayak and kayak fishing.  This last month I have learned so much it is unreal.  I actually wasn’t able to really get on the water till around the 10th of July. This was the beginning of the Pirates of Lynnhaven flounder tournament. I really enjoy flounder fishing from the kayak.  Before owning the kayak actually that is primarily all I fished for.  So it was very easy to take my floundering skills to the kayak.  I ended fishing a lot for the tournament.  It was a tough week of fishing, but I was the only one that had caught 3 keepers for the 3 fish weigh-in.  Which means I got to stand tall and have my moment of being the winner of the tourney.  For winning I received a 10 hour fishing charter with Capt. Blake Hayden.

For my girlfriend Brittany’s birthday this year I decided that she needed to become a fishergirl. I picked her up a rod, reel, tackle box and some assorted lures.  The first time I took her out she ended up catching 2 keeper flounder.  Then on the second trip she caught another keeper flounder.  Now I am not taking her anymore, lol…  Britt is a fishing machine and it makes me very proud!

I have gotten to fish with a bunch of people this last month and I want to thank all of you for the great company.   Especially I would like to thank Tony, Joe and Jim.   It makes it a lot easier to wake up after the alarm goes off (instead of turning off and rolling back over) knowing I will be fishing with some good friends.  On that note, Thom, you really need to fix your back bro, Rob and Dave, I am still looking forward to getting to fish with you guys.  I also wanna thank Matt for taking me out cheating on a boat and showing me how “he” can catch multiple sheepies! 

I will try my hardest to keep this more up to date.  Till next time, hope you enjoy the pics!!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/20 HRBT

Well I finally got a chance to put together my report from Friday night.  The weather cleared up nice and the wind dropped to 4mph so I decided to hit up the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel for the first time.  I wanted to fish the Norflok side so I put my yak in at Willoughby Bay boat ramp.  Its a free boat ramp which is awesome.  When I got to the ramp there was another person gettin' his yak all rigged up.  He ended up waiting for me so we could paddle out to the bridge together.  We ended up fishing together most of the night.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We started paddling out at 7:30 pm. 

Started fishing close to the shore and the croaker were eatin up my gulps.
I also had a few flounder on but they all came off before getting them into the boat.  We then trolled close to the norfolk side island.  My main mission here was to get a striper and get more comfortable in the yak.  Plus if I could I wanted to Learn to spot them in the light line. 

Once it got dark it was pretty much constant bluefish.  I did however get to see some stripers.  I did get one hooked up but it instantly ran for the pilon and broke me off.  So now this week I am going to try to find a MH rod for fishing the light line.  It is definately not a spot for light rods and 8lb test line.

One of the many blues,  I wasn't keeping any blues though.  Size of them ranged from 10 inches up to prolly 22 inches.
I decided to head back in at 12:15am.  I never really saw a lot of stripers but did see some paired up. 
It was my longest trip as of yet and when i finally got back to the ramp and stood up it took 10 mins to get the blood moving again, hehe.  There were prolly 7 of us all packing up our stuff at the same time.  The Kayak fishing community is fantastic...  A few of us stood there til about 2am just shootin the breeze and tellin' fishin lies...  Hope to get to fish with some of you guys again!  I have off Monday to thursday this week so expect some more reports.   Have a good week everyone.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/18 Rudee Inlet

Today was my first time taking the yak out in the saltwater.   I put in at Owls Creek in Va. Beach, and was going to go fish right where the ocean comes into the inlet.  I made it halfway there when I realized that I left my 'Word of the Month' paper back in my other crate in the car.  The 'word of the month is the piece of paper that you guys see in my pictures with fish sometimes.  It is for the fishing club that I am in called Pirates of Lynnhaven.  The piece of paper is for the Angler of the Year Tournament that I am participating in.

Anyway, so I get back to the ramp and get the paper then am on my way again. While out at the mouth of the inlet I catch three of these little guys.
I stay out there for about an hour and a half then I decide to go back in the inlet.  It is now that I have realized that I have bought the yak for the wrong reason.  All along I was wanting a kayak to go fishing.  But it is not about the fishing at all.  I got to see so much wildlife today it was insane.  Things I never got to see up close as a shore fisherman.

I had just as much fun paddling around seeing how close I could get to birds, that I wasn't thinking about fishing.  heheh.  The only thing that sucks is the nice fingerprint on the lens. And how white the pictures got.
That is all for now.  I won't be able to get out tomorrow but hopefully friday I have another post.